Special FX

May 2, 2013

Mirror Pose

this is a strange effect but I absolutely love the image.

Sometimes picture ‘Special Effects’ can enhance an image greatly.  Sometimes not.

Fire on Top

I don’t know why I made this girls hair orange??

I like playing around with my images, the ones I really like, to see if I can get that little extra out of them to really make them special.  I have tons of filter plug-ins for Photoshop that can do wild things to my images.  It’s fun and every once in a while I like what I’ve done after an experiment.  Sometime the old saying that “Just because you can do something, doesn’t me you should” come out to haunt me.  I’ll never stop trying new things and I hope I never stop trying to make my images better.

I like the hi contrast black & white.  It's dramatic.

I like the hi contrast black & white. It’s dramatic.





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