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  • … a few more from Barry College

    December 22, 2016

    These are images created at Barry College two weeks ago.  The model is Shanel Henderson.  She’s got a look that stopped me in my tracks and an attitude that equaled her beauty.  Each time I asked her to pose, she’d drop into such a confident, relaxed position and just take control of what was going […]

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  • Attitude is EVERYTHING!

    December 17, 2016

    Every so often, I venture out of my comfort zone to see how I can push myself photographically.  Another local photographer, Chris Cottrell and I get together to do just that; push ourselves.  A fun way to compete without, well, competition. We had one of these sessions a week ago and I wanted to share […]

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  • Thankful after all these years

    November 26, 2016

    Very thankful at this time of year for so many things in my life.  Truly blessed to be able to have a blast creating images with families that I just love. I spent the Thanksgiving holiday in Plano with my older brother and his family.  I can’t say that they really have an “option” to […]

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  • 15 sec. of Fame?

    August 7, 2013

    I am so excited about the New CPP video that Professional Photographers of America (PPA) has just release. I was a very small part of this production, but boy did I have a great time. Being on the other side of the lens is not comfortable for me, but this crew made me very relaxed. […]

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  • Special FX

    May 2, 2013

    Sometimes picture ‘Special Effects’ can enhance an image greatly.  Sometimes not. I like playing around with my images, the ones I really like, to see if I can get that little extra out of them to really make them special.  I have tons of filter plug-ins for Photoshop that can do wild things to my […]

    Mirror Pose

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  • One of my Favorites

    February 22, 2013

    I’ve got a lot of great portraits in my office.  And this is one of my favorites.  What makes it great?  It’s an image of my nephew Wyatt at about 6 mths old and this one has been making me smile for almost 14 years.  Any ‘picture’ that can do that, for me, is a […]

    Baby Pictures

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  • Staying Ahead of the Pack

    January 28, 2013

      Being aware of the latest trends in your industry is a smart thing to do.  You find out what your completion is doing.  You become aware of new products and techniques.  Educating yourself is usually a good thing. Last week, I spent 5 days with the Photography Industry’s leaders.  The shakers and the movers,… […]

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  • I could NEVER be a model!

    November 18, 2012

    I had a really fun time last week at an annual fashion show last week.  I work with Izzy and Hannah Vahaba, a father/daughter team that owns Izzy Maternity.  They recruit customers who shop at their stores to model outfits for their fashion shows.  I have the great opportunity to take preview pictures of the […]

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  • More on “Posing”

    October 18, 2012

    Just about everyone understands what to do when you hear “1-2-3-Cheeeeeeze”.  Most folks roll their eyes when they hear it.  And 8 year olds turn it into a screeching, grimacing, who-can-look-dorkier contest.  But think about this: What if I said “1-2-3-Loose-15-Pounds”?  Or “1-2-3-Get-rid-of-your-Turkey-Neck”?  Makes a difference, doesn’t it? So here’s another reason why Coordinating (or Posing) is […]

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  • Posed vs. Coordinated

    Posed vs. Coordinated Portraits   I recently had a lady call me to book a family portrait session.  She told me that she knew just what she wanted, which is always good to hear.  She said that she did not want pictures that looked posed, but ones that made her family look “natural”.  “Great” I […]

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