Referrals and Incentives

After you’ve received your portraits and hung them beautifully on the wall, you’re going to want to tell your friends and neighbors about your wonderful experience with us.  We’d like to help you with that.  So…

When you refer a friend to Stuart Hasson Studios and they schedule a session with us, we will reward you with a $75 credit toward your next portrait session.

If you refer 2 friends to Stuart Hasson Studios, and they schedule a session with us, your next session creation fee will be waived.  We’ll even throw in a complimentary 8 x 10 portrait just to show how much we appreciate your confidence in us.

It’s that easy.  Nothing to keep track of.  We will let you know with a “Thank You” card.  Just be sure to ask your friends to tell us that you sent them.

If you’d like to share the joy of a Creatively Unique portrait with someone you know, I give you two ways to SHARE THE LOVE –

1. Give my information to that special someone so that they can contact me. If they book a session, I’ll send you $50. I ALWAYS ask the folks that call me how they heard about me. Call it a “Finders Fee”, a “Friend’s Reward”, a “Tooth Fairy Donation”, whatever. I call it the “I’m getting way more than $50” gift.

2. Purchase a Stuart Hasson Studios Double-Down Gift Certificate.

Double-Down Gift Certificate mean the you get a Gift Certificate worth TWICE THE PURCHASE PRICE!  What a DEAL, I know!!
Send it to anyone on the planet (you know we love to travel). Or we can send it for you. All you have to do is contact us, tell us what you’d like to give as a gift and we’ll customize a gift certificate especially for you and the recipient. Gift Certificates come in $50 increments. You pay $50 for each $100 Gift certificate, and so on, up to $250 for a $500 Certificate. Pretty cool, I know.  That’s just the way I roll!


Refer a Friend