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This used to be my LEAST favorite page on my site.  I don’t like talking about myself (because no one really cares… sorry mom!).  But telling folks what really makes me tick is important because it’s not about ME!                                                            

I’ve been taking pictures all of my life.  I love reliving the memories of people, places, and events.  As I got older, it became evident that I loved to create images of people, to make them look better (not in a weird way), show them in the best light, literally.  I know how to do this and I take the time to do it right.  When my models, subjects, and clients are happy, I know that the job was done right.  That’s what really spins my bottle.

There’s simply nothing better than seeing one of my creations displayed in a client’s home, in all its glory.  I know that this artwork brings them joy every single day, every time they look at it.  What a terrific feeling!  It doesn’t get any better.

How I Do This: I sit with my potential clients before they commission me for a portrait, to find out what would make a great image for them.  Rarely do they know the details.  But I ask questions and more is revealed.  We figure it out together.  THEY tell me what to do, where the best location will be, what they’re going to wear, and why now is the right time to create their portrait.  By the end of the discussion, we’ve got a plan that didn’t exist before.  Everyone’s excited… then we have the session. 

I absolutely love the feeling when someone sees their portrait for the first time; smiles,… then cries.  That’s a great feeling.

That’s about all there is.  I’m a Creative who loves giving people one more reason to smile every single day. 


It’s an incredible honor to be able to document moments in people’s lives. Over the past 35 years, I’ve been able to give the gift of captured moments to so many amazing people.  I’d love to do that for you, too.

See you on the other side of the lens,
-Stuart Hasson

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