Dave Hasson

9 Years Seems Like Just Yesterday

Yet I get to see my dad, “Pops”, every day, even though he’s been gone that long. It was 1989 and I’d just graduated from photography school.  He was happy (and proud) to pose for me.  At the time, I had no idea how much this portrait would mean to me in the years...

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A Fun Experience

My friends Jeane & Bobby Gutierrez from Slate828 Productions participated in an event with me recently at the Grand Opening of Canterfield Kennesaw Assisted Living.  They were recording video interviews while I was creating portraits.  At the end of the day,...

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Model Headshots Stuart Hasson Studios

Just Be You

How do I get my Headshot clients to look so good?  It’s easy, I just let them be themselves! It doesn’t happen right away.  Just about everyone is a little nervous in front of the camera.  But after a little conversation, a couple of test shots, and...

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Tips for Great Business Headshots

Business professionals understand that first impressions are often lasting impressions, and having a great business headshot is an important first step. Getting a good portrait also requires more than just sitting in front of the camera.  It’s a partnership...

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We hear it all the time.  ‘I HATE having my picture taken’! It makes me sympathize with my Dentist (who is quite a nice guy, too) but man, does that statement make me feel lousy…  Nobody cares how I feel.  I...

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How to Swaddle Your Baby for Newborn Photography?

Wrapping your newborn can be daunting.  But with a little practice and a comfy blanket, you can master this task.  Here are the basic steps for you to wrap you tiny person. First, why is it so important to wrap your baby?  Swaddling or wrapping your...

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Problem Solving

I received an interesting request from my friend and Financial Advisor, Brett Blackwell with Edward Jones.  He asked if I could create Professional Executive Headshot portraits of him, posed specifically for cut-outs for Social Media.  We...

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When Should You Do Newborn Photography?

Newborn Photography, for me, is a bit self-descriptive.  It’s pictures of a new born child.  Pretty simple WHEN you should do it, right? Not so fast.  I get calls way too often from a new mom who tells me that she “just” had her baby and wants to get...

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Wyatt Blue-Eyes baby portrait

Cost of Newborn Photography

The Price is what you pay. The Value is what you get. The Cost is realized when you don’t do it. Most of my Newborn portrait clients have concerns about money and how much they’ll pay for portraits of their baby.  These concerns are very real, especially for...

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What Is Newborn Photography

On a rolling scale of Important Events to photograph, taking pictures of your Newborn rolls right to the top!  I don’t believe there’s any event (graduation, wedding, pregnancy (and you all know how passionate I am about that!), getting on the bus for the 1st...

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How Long Should A Professional Family Photo Session Last

Everyone’s got a cell phone these days and they’re always available. They come with pretty good cameras, too. Snapping a quick group shot is pretty simple. But what about when you want a really great family portrait? How long does that take and how do you make it...

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Family Portraits on Location

What To Wear For Outdoor Family Portraits

There’s not much difference in my approach to this question. Outdoor Family Portraits deserve the same consideration. “Where’s the portrait going to be displayed?” is always my first question for mom. Outdoor portrait clothes deserve a 2nd look, though. The vast...

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Backyard Family Portrait

Why Should You Consider Family Portrait Photography

Life Events, the big ones: Pregnancy, Newborn, Marriage, New Home, Off to College, Anniversaries. The times of your life that you just don’t want to forget. THAT’S the time to think about creating a timeless family portrait. Maternity portraits mark the start of a...

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Relaxed maternity portrait white background

Maternity Photoshoots and What to Expect

What to expect during my maternity photography session? Great results from being prepared BEFORE your pregnancy portrait session This is a loaded question.  As legitimate as it is, if you don’t know what to expect AT your session, your photographer has not...

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Beautiful Maternity Poses

How To Pose For Maternity Photography

Posing for your maternity portraits has a lot to do with how much you’re showing at the time of your session.  If your tummy is big, sitting poses usually are not the most flattering, so you’ll want to be standing up or lying down.  If you’re not really...

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Big Tummy Maternity Portrait Pose

What Should I Wear For My Maternity Pictures?

What you wear for your pregnancy portraits is the 2nd most important thing when considering your session.  The most important thing is how you’re feeling for the photo session (not how great the photographer is :). The outfits differ as much as the mom’s wearing...

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Outdoor Family Portrait Covered Bridge

What To Wear For Family Portraits

This question is one I get all the time. It’s the 2nd most important thing to consider for your Family Portrait session (the 1st is who’s gonna be in the picture). When I chat with mom’s considering hiring me, this question gets answered after I ask a few...

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What’s The Process Like When Working With Me?

There are so many aspects to coordinating family portraits that I continually come across with my clients. I treat each family individually (because that’s who they are) and I’m able to create great portraits because of that. With every family that I encounter, I...

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