Picture Packages? Really??

What’s the benefit to “Picture Packages”?, I get asked if I offer “Picture Packages” all the time.  Mostly with my Baby and Newborn Portrait sessions.  I don’t like this question, especially when it’s the very first thing out of the callers mouth, as in;  Me: Hello, this is Stuart. Caller: Do you have PACKAGES?  It makes my skin kind of crawl trying to imagine what kind of person interacts like that.  It kind of irks me and the Devil inside me wants to say “Sure I have packages.  Do you want cardboard or vinyl?  My packages usually contain really cool baby pictures and are wrapped in frufy paper”, but smart ass quips don’t make for new clients.  Right?

So I suppress my devilish side and redirect with something like “Sure I offer packages, what kind of a package were you looking for?” (which never gets a good response but I have to get a dig in now and then).  Or “I usually feel uncomfortable deciding for my clients what size pictures they have to purchase, so I like to leave that up to them.” Then continue on so that they can figure out how expensive I am, which is why I get most of these kinds of calls…. Packages!

I honestly feel that packages could limit the choices for my clients if not handled properly.  Everyone is different and wants different “stuff”.  So how can I “package” my clients?  Silly, I know, but that’s how I feel.  However, I do see one benefit to offering picture packages and it has nothing to do with lower prices, which is what everyone expects; it gives me a chance to educate my clients that I have more than 5x7’s and 8x10’s.  In fact, I sell more than just “Pictures”!

When I include “Float Wraps” in a package, what do you think is the first thing my client’s going to ask?  How much is an 8x10?  No, no, no.  What’s a “Float Wrap”?  and I pull out my handy-dandy example and they say “Wow, that’s cool.  I want one of those”. And I smile… packages…

Or how about a cool family portrait album as a great way to showcase the collection of images from a family photo session?  Opens door and is a great starting point to understanding the different products that I offer in addition to the pictures.  There are a lot of photographers that offer jewelry and beach bags and even towels in their product line.  I don’t know about you, but when I’m shopping for my jewelry, I don’t think of calling a photographer for the latest styles.  What better way to get the word out about these products than to slam them into a “Package”?

Juat about every business has incentive for spending more money: the more you spend, the more free stuff you get, right?  Photography is no different and I think that the best packages are the ones that get people thinking outside their box,… or package.

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