How To Take Great Pictures of Your Child!

  Just imagine your little pumpkin taking her mid-morning nap, all quiet and angelic.  So you pull out your camera and – SNAP! – you take her cute little picture.  But it’s not quite cute enough, so you – SNAP! (again) – and, hmmmmm,… still not there, so – SNAP, SNAP, SNAP,… and then next thing you know, you’ve got yet another randomly named folder on your computer full of crumby images of your child,… kind of sleeping, then kind of cranky.

So, what’s the best way to get those great images that the pros get?  Here are my Top 5 Simple Tips for better pictures of your child:

 No. 1 - Don’t Pose Your Baby.  When you’re inspired to take a picture, they are already posed.  So just take the picture.  If you try to make the pose “better”, you’ll be undoing the natural position or action that drew you to the shot.  So just go for it.  If you miss the moment, live with it and the fact that posing a newborn or baby or feisty youngster is tougher than solving Rubik’s Cube.

No. 2 - Get in CLOSE.  I mean REAL CLOSE.  Force yourself to get in there, cropping out the bright shiny window in the background, or the neighbors car, or the junk in the kitchen.  Take the picture of what you love most about what you’re looking at; your child’s face.  Then maybe take a step back and take a second shot to include her cute hat (just her face and hat) then back up a little more to get a little more.  People usually take really wide pictures and your baby is lost in the muck… don’t do that. Get in CLOSE.

No. 3 - Forget the Props.  Once again, take the picture of what you like best about your child, and forget the extra stuff.  With the exception of Little Jimmy on the pony for the first time (which will make a great shot), keeping your pictures simple is usually the best way to go, by a long shot.

No. 4 - Use Window Light.  Nothing will get you to “Deer in the Headlights” land faster than riding your on-camera flash.  Sometimes you need it, but most often you don’t.  Turn that stinker off and use the natural light coming from the window.

And the greatest photo tip of all time;

No. 5 - DON’T make your child look at the camera.  I hate the guy who came up with “1-2-3…CHEEEEEESE"!  That never gets kids to smile. It gets them to say ‘cheese’ with an expression that says “Why am I saying ‘Cheese'?  I’m all about the natural look.  And snapping the pictures of your child doing what they’re doing is exactly that; the natural look.  Changing what they are doing changes everything, so hold the cheese, please.

There you have it, a few tips and ideas on how to take better and even great pictures of your kids.  If you have any more questions or would like to know more about how we can create great images of your child, give me a call.  Happy Shooting.


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