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Just about everyone understands what to do when you hear “1-2-3-Cheeeeeeze”.  Most folks roll their eyes when they hear it.  And 8 year olds turn it into a screeching, grimacing, who-can-look-dorkier contest.  But think about this: What if I said “1-2-3-Loose-15-Pounds”?  Or “1-2-3-Get-rid-of-your-Turkey-Neck”?  Makes a difference, doesn't it?

So here’s another reason why Coordinating (or Posing) is critical to a great portrait.  By placing my subjects in the correct position, placing the lights in the right place and choosing the optimum camera angle is absolutely necessary for delivering the goods… and great portraits.

Many of the moms I work with are concerned with looking too fat in their pictures.  It does not seem to matter how gorgeous they are, they still don’t want to look anything but beautiful.  Pretty reasonable, I think.  So when I pose my moms, and all of my clients for that matter, I take this pretty seriously.  I make sure it’s in a way that compliments whoever is in front of the camera.  Most people can get into a relatively comfortable pose that will look okay for a picture, but fine tuning their natural pose takes patience and practice and that ‘fine tuning’ is what mom is really looking for.

For family groups, I’ll make sure that mom and dad are the focus of the image and usually put the kids and the dogs in front of them in a way the makes mom feel protected but not hidden.  Just by having mom stand and turn sideways can take of lbs. with very little effort.  Pretty cool diet, right?  If mom is more comfortable sitting down, I make her knees are not pointing directly at the camera.  If she wants to sit in a chair, she’ll be sitting on the front edge of it.  There are all kinds of ways to pose people in a complimentary way specifically for their body type.

For sessions other than the family, there is certainly a difference between the way I pose a senior executive from a coal mining plant that I would the owner of a beauty salon.  Each has certain expectations that are vastly different.  We all have expectations.  The way I pose every individual has to account for that individual’s expectations.  Cookie-Cutter just doesn’t cut it.

So in order to help my clients look their very best, I pose them. Every single one.  Not the “1-2-3” way, but posed, all the same.  If you’d like to learn more about how I can creatively pose you and your family to look their very best, please give me a call.

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