Staying Ahead of the Pack

Being aware of the latest trends in your industry is a smart thing to do.  You find out what your competition is doing.  You become aware of new products and techniques.  Educating yourself is usually a good thing.

Last week, I spent 5 days with the Photography Industry’s leaders.  The shakers and the movers,… and the stodgy guys, too.  Professional Photographers of America hosted their annual “Imaging USA” right in my back yard (Atlanta).  I had a great time, was inspired, and learned so much.  I saw a ton of old friends, and made a bunch of new ones.  It was much needed Jolt Cola (remember that stuff?) for my soul and mind.

Learning what my completion is doing is good to know, but if I do what they’re doing, that puts me in a position to play catch-up.  That’s a bad move, in my opinion.  I’ve got to be creative in an ever-changing creative profession.  So I am looking at my current product line that just about every photographer offers.  Too much of it is boring.  That’s got to change.

So I’ve gathered a bunch of new ideas that I’m going to try to put together into my products for 2013.  I need volunteers to help me… Guinea Pigs, kind of.  I’m looking for specific models, so if you know anyone in the following list, please ask them to contact me.  All models will get a copy of the print that I create for my product line.  So if I print a 20 x 30 canvas display piece, you get one, too.  And you have to “Like” Stuart Hasson Studios to be a model.

Here’s the list;

A pregnant lady with at least one child 3 yrs old or younger.

A newborn with 2 older siblings younger than 5 years.

Identical Twins, any age, male or female.

A family with 5 generation of males or females.  5 generations of both will work, too.

In an effort to stay ahead of my competition, I’m creating great inspirational artwork and I’m extremely excited about it.  Please join in the fun or, if you have a friend who fits one of the criteria above, let them know.

Have a great 2013!