Attitude is EVERYTHING!

Every so often, I venture out of my comfort zone to see how I can push myself photographically.

Another local photographer, Chris Cottrell and I get together to do just that; push ourselves.  A fun way to compete without, well, competition. We had one of these sessions a week ago and I wanted to share the experience.  It was a really fun session with a GREAT model, Jeanie Brown, from La Fayette, GA.  Jeanie met us up at Barry College in Rome, GA and we worked at the ancient Waterwheel location.  Beautiful spot, but the model took center stage.

Working with a pretty girl at a great location is only the start to a 'really fun' session.  She was so positive and actively making pose adjustments during the session.  She was really willing to hang in there while I adjusted the lights, figured out the exposure and all that stuff that makes a model ask "does this guy really know what he's doing"?  I haven't mentioned that the temperature was in the low 50's.  That's COLD here in GA.  

So here's Jeanie sitting on rock steps, literally freezing her butt off!  Sitting and standing in the cold without a whimper.  She was such a trooper, to say the least.  She din't miss a beat!  Jeanie's attitude was the clincher to the session and THAT'S what made it such a great time. 


I'll follow this post with PART 2: The Shanel Henderson story.  Shanel was our other amazing model at Barry College.