Dream Session

Some sessions are really cool, some sessions are just plain HOT!  Most sessions are pretty fun (if I’m doing my job the right way).  I like shooting.  Plain and simple, so when I’m creating portraits, snapping away, I’m in my element.  But recently I’ve encountered a kind of session that I have never had the opportunity to experience and one that I truly live for.  

Terry and Amanda have wanted to be parents badly for years.  I’ve know Terry for a while and he’s shared with me the incredible experience of let down after let down working with segregates and adoption agencies to try to adopt a baby.  It’s been a heartbreaking ride for them, but last January, they brought home Mackey.  That’s when the heartbreaking story ends and the story on unrestricted love begins.


I did a photo session with these three and it was such a blast.  I even caught myself thinking ‘who cares if the pictures don’t come out so well, it’s so great to be around parents who love being parents’.  And I don’t think Terry and Amanda cared much about it either.  They were so into playing with Mackey and having a ball.  I asked them to swing Mackey between them and they said “Sure”.  So swing they did and the little fella had a blast.  Then Terry said “That was great! We’ve never done that before!”



Well the pictures turned out pretty good, my fav is one of the “Swingers”.  This kid is so sweet.  I’m sure they’ll cherish these images forever.  It’s the absolute best ending to this chapter in their lives… and I’ve got a great story to tell!

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