NILMDTS Training

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep I've been invited to Colorado this week to attend the Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep Training restructuring.  We've been using the current 6 hr. training curriculum for two years and need to restructure the program to make it more accessible for photographers.  Most of our NILMDTS volunteers are studio owners with huge daily commitments already.  Throw in Holiday Portrait Season and you get overworked, over committed photographers.

The new curriculum is going to be chopped down to 4 hrs (hopefully) without sacrificing content.  It will be a challenge, but we're hoping to generate new interest in our wonderful organization.  It's a great cause, and if you know any pro photographers who might want to know more about what we do and how much it's helping people in this unique situation, please pass along our weblink,, or have them contact me directly.

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