What’s so Great about an In-Home Maternity Photo Session?

What’s so Great about an In-Home Maternity Photo Session?


If you’re considering having your pregnancy portrait made, you’re going to face a bunch of options, including what to wear, when is the best time to create the pictures and, of course, where to have the session.

When I first started photographing pregnant ladies (my sister-in-law was my guinea pig J), I quickly realized that by having these maternity sessions in my clients homes, I realized a lot of cool things going on to help create the mood that is essential for great maternity portraits.

I put a heavy emphasis on making my moms feel comfortable during their session.  This is one of the most essential parts of creating beautiful images.  When mom is relaxead and at ease, she will love her expression and the feeling that she gets from the portrait.  She’ll also be able to connect with her baby in the way that I need her to.  If she’s not relaxed, the images will show it and the session was a waste time.  She will never feel right about any image from that kind of session.

The best way to get mom to relax and be comfortable is to put her into an environment that she’s familiar with.  No better place than Home, Sweet Home.  Right?

So getting the mood that I want was one of the first things that I noticed from the In-Home session.  But then my moms started telling me about the other conveniences; having ALL of her outfits in the next room and not having to lug them to a studio.  If she gets thirsty or hungry, the fridge is right there, too.  If she has another child, she did not have to get a sitter or bring them to the session.

Sure, it’s more work for me, but the results are absolutely worth the extra effort.  And when Mom tells me that she’ll have to clean up before I come over, I let her know that my backgrounds will block out all of her lovely knick-knacks (and the other stuff, too!).

In a nutshell, every pregnant woman is different, but when it comes to the question of “What’s so great about an In-Home Maternity Photo Session” the answer is simple:  Everything!

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