Ronald McDonald House Charities does it AGAIN!

The Atlanta Ronald McDonald House invited me back for more portraits last week.  It’s really a great opportunity to be able to help out folks who aren’t having the best day.  It’s amazing that folks at the House (in less-than-stellar situations) have such a beautiful, positive attitude.  They were all super thankful that I was there.  No one had seen any of the images (obviously) and they were all just so happy!  It was incredible.

I have to give a big Shout-Out to Jessica Perez for making all the arrangements and letting the families know when I would be there.  I’ve really become a huge fan of the House.  They do such a wonderful job and are all (I mean that, I have yet to meet anyone there, employed or volunteering at the House) that isn’t super helpful to the families and very accommodating to me.  I love my visits and am already looking forward to next time.

Stuart HassonComment