A tough customer!

Hania contacted me back in 2015.  She needed an updated Exec. Portrait ('head-shot'... I hate that term!  too violent.) but she HATED having her picture taken.  Okay, no problem, how does next Wednesday look for you?  I can do that, she replied.  Then canceled on Tuesday.  She didn't feel well.  We rescheduled for the following week.  A few days later, she called to reschedule again.  Something had come up.  So we chose a date a month later... canceled.... had to get her toes done before the session (joking, but that's what I heard).

So I let it go for a while till I reached out again, to see if she wanted to schedule the session.  'Yes, but my schedule is too packed right now.  Can you contact me in a few months?'  Sure, I replied.  Can't rush a good thing, I thought.

I've met so many different types of people in my business.  It's one of the best things about the job.  Yet rarely, if ever (I can't actually remember the person getting their photo taken by me that said before the session 'I've been so looking forward to having my picture taken') does anyone look forward to the session.  It's weird, I think!  Makes me feel like it's going to hurt.  Maybe it has for some folks.  But you just kind of stand there, pose a little, 'click' and it's done.  Easy peasy.

And the horror stories some of my clients tell me really make me think that there are some really crappy photographers out there.  Exec Portraits are the easiest thing out there.  I don't even know how to make them hard.  Try chasing a 2 year old around the studio!  Now THAT'S hard... but pretty fun most of the time, I'll admit.

So I finally got Hania into the studio last week.  Yup, it took a few years.  Any-hoo...  She was beautiful.  Inside and out.  Super pleasant.  Dressed perfectly.  We had a great session.  She actually said as we were wrapping, "You kind of made that fun!"  Success, I thought!  Best part was when she saw her images...

I love what I do and I love making people see their own beauty.  Maybe it's more of pulling, prying and cajoling (how often can you use 'cajoling'?) the hidden beauty into the light.  Whatever works, right?

Thanks Hania.  SMB Smart Marketing, LLC, www.smbsmartmarketing.com

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