Business Headshots

Your Headshot Should Be One You’re Proud to Show.

What would it feel like for you to have professional headshots that you can proudly display on your website, social media and business cards?

When you have a great professional headshot, people stop scrolling and notice you!

It will give you a professional, polished advantage that puts you ahead of your competitors.

We listen to what you need to get you the look that you need. If you’re not sure what you want, we’ll go through some basic poses to get you more comfortable, then decide on a direction so that you get the best poses and the most natural looks.

When you want to be noticed first, start with your professional business headshot!


HOW We Work

Our stress-free process to create your Headshots

Creating a headshot isn’t difficult. But knowing my client’s ultimate goals, how they’ll be using their headshot, and what message they want to project, is an important part of my process.  It’s a quick phone conversation. I’ll ask you questions and your answers will lead the way to the best headshots that you’ve ever had.  We’ll develope a unique plan on how and where and when we will create the most amazing business headshot for you.  Some clients need one quick studio shot. Some need multiple employees in multiple business locations.  I’m here to create effective photography scenarios that are efficient, on time, and on budget with your specific needs.

No hidden cost.
We discuss every detail, every step of the way.

Everything is planned out and GUARANTEED.
You’ll LOVE your new headshots or your MONEY BACK!

Call us to discuss exatly what you’re hoping for and what you need.  Get all your questions answered.
Portrait Session
Studio or On-Location session to get that perfect look that you’ve always wanted.
Selection & Delivery
Before you leave your session, you’ll select the best images from your session for us to perfectly retouch and deliver to your In-box.

what to expect

What is included in your headshot session fee

  • Your $345 session fee includes 1-hour in our studio.
  • Between 75-100 images are created during your session.
  • You’ll choose your favorite images throughout your session.
  • Your TWO favorite images are included with the session fee.
  • Crop variations and black and white copies are included upon request.
  • Unlimited wardrobe changes and poses.
  • Variety of backgrounds available.
  • All selected images are professionally retouched and enhanced.
  • Chosen images delivered within 48 hours.
  • Additional images are $85 each.

The Next Level

Want to Take Your Teams Headshots to the Next Level?

Have a look at our Headshots 2 Ways!

Book a Headshot Session and a Video Headshot session at the same time.

Same Studio, Same Location, One Convenient Booking

When You Need MORE

Branding & Social Media Packages

Branding Headshot Sessions are the Complete package for your headshot needs.  Combining On-Location with a Studio headshot session gives you the biggest variety of images to advertise and market your image.  Perfect for the Business Professional, Model, or Actor looking to build a portfolio with extensive imagery.  Confident, approachable, and trustworthy; these will all come through from an extended series of photo-shoots.

Multiple Outfit changes. Specific, pre-selected shooting locations allows for telling the story of who you are and what needs to be said about you for prospective employers.

Social Media Headshot Package is a scaled-down version of the Branding Session.  In the Studio or On Location, this 30-minute session is designed for Professional Speakers using and relying on Social Media to get their message out.

The Base Package ($245 studio) includes 6 images of you in “Action”.  Images include extra space for adding graphics and messages for your posts on Social Media channels.  Simple backgrounds allow for easily adding different looks and messages.    Quick yet Productive, you’ll get a variety of images showing your personality and engagement with your Target Audience.

Branding / Social Media

Business headshots

Frequently asked questions

How many pictures come with my headshot session fee?

I include two fully retouched image with your $345 Studio Session fee.  Additional images are available for $85 each.  Branding Packages and Social Media Packages include many more images due to the nature of those sessions.  Those session fees are priced for the complexity of the project.  Branding session fees are quoted before the sessions so that you know exactly how much it will cost.

What should I bring to my session?

A selection of outfits will provide the opportunity to see how you look in different colors and degrees of professionalism.  I suggest at least 3 outfits.  Any accessories that you’d like to bring to your session is certainly a great way to change up the look.

Why choose On-Location over Studio Session?

Many of my clients want to showcase their office or work environments.  We’re happy to accommodate you if you’ve got specific needs for your headshots. We charge $100 for shooting on location within a 15-mile radius of the studio.  If you’re further away, we’ll give you a quote before you book.

How long will my Headshot session take?

My headshot sessions usually take about an hour. If you bring several changes/outfits, then the session will take longer, but that’s not a problem. My sessions are not timed. We shoot until you’re completely satisfied.

Will my headshots be retouched?

Yes. All of your selected images will be professionally retouched by me.  I’ve been retouching portraits for over 30 years and am very good.  However, I’m not done until you’re completely satisfied.  I rarely over-compensate, so if you see something that you’re not thrilled with, I keep retouching until you are!

Do I really need to pay a professional for a headshot?

If you engage people in your work, you should consider having a professional help with your headshot.  If you work in a cave or a coalmine, perhaps it’s not that important.  Everyone else should have a way to greet new clients, potential customers on your website, social media and marketing material (business cards). Your headshot is the first opportunity to engage your new clients and let them know that you’re a real person.  A cell phone can do the job, but is that the message you want to send?  Professional headshot photographers know all the tricks of the trade to help you look your best and invite the clients that you want.  That experience and expertise does come at a price.  Isn’t your success worth it?  Send the right message with a professional headshot.

Do you sell Digitals or Prints?

Most of my clients require Digital image files from their sessions.  I make sure to understand exactly what you need before sending the image files to you so that you can use your new headshots right away. Printed headshots are available, also.  Prices are quoted before you purchase when you need professional prints.

What’s the best time to get my new Headshot?

Stuart Hasson Studios opens early.  If you’d like to come in when you’ve got all of your energy, let’s book your session for the 8 am time slot.  Our latest headshot session is 6 pm.  You’ll be done and on your way in an hour or less… but I won’t kick you out until you’re completely happy with your portraits.

I hate having my picture taken. How can SHS help?

Maybe you’ve had a bad experience?  Maybe you’ve worked with the wrong photographer? Maybe you didn’t have enough time to get it done right?  All of these challenges can affect how you look in your headshots.  When someone says this to me, it makes me happy because I get to turn their experience into a positive one.  I’ve been creating great headshots for people just like you.  And how you FEEL in the studio is the most important thing for me.  When you feel good, you look good.  It’s as simple as that.  It’s my job to let you be yourself, feel relaxed and give you the confidence that I’m going to make you look fantastic, not stupid or ugly… what’s the point of that?  We’ll discuss your goals and how you plan to use your new headshot.  This helps me help you look your very best for exactly how you plan to use your images.  We explore many different poses, different wardrobes, and different backgrounds to give you EXACTLY what you’re looking for.  You will leave your session with great confidence that you’ll be able to use your new headshot everywhere and be proud of that.  I guarantee it!

Why is lighting so Important for a great business headshot?

Lighting is the key to ALL great portraits, including business headshots.  How to light you for enhanced drama or softness takes very different lighting techniques.  Both have very different uses and very different results.  Most of us want the lighting that tells who we are and makes us look the best.  Everyone is different and deserves to be lit accordingly in their professional headshot.

What makes Stuart Hasson Studios the right choice for me?

I’ve been creating great headshots for over 35 years.  I know what I’m doing behind the camera, in the studio, or on location.  I treat people the way I want to be treated, with dignity and fairness.  One of the things about my studio that I’m quite proud of is my Unconditional Money-back Guarantee: If you’re not thrilled with your new headshots from me, you get ALL YOUR MONEY BACK. No questions and a huge apology… but you’ll be hard-pressed to find a dissatisfied client.  Try to find another professional photographer that can say that!

How do I pay for my session?

We use an online payment service that accepts credit cards.  If you’d like to pay by company check, we’ll be happy to accommodate you. When you book a time for your session, you’ll receive an invoice via email requesting payment to lock in your session date and time.

Where are you located?

Our Studio is located in Marietta GA, near the intersection of Sandy Plains Rd. and Piedmont Rd.  This is where we create our Studio Headshots.  We also have a Mobile Studio for On-Location sessions, at locations when our clients need Environmental headshots or pictures taken at their business or office.

I have never been photographed by a pro, will you help me pose?

Everyone asks this! Of course we will help them every step of the way. Some people are natural in front of the camera. Most are not. We go through a fairly quick process of getting everyone relaxed and comfortable before starting the photo part of the session.  We use classic yet natural posing techniques that allow you to look and feel confident and comfortable in front of the camera. You don’t want a picture of yourself looking stiff or awkward, We’ve been doing this for a long time and can pretty much guarantee that you’ll have (almost) as much fun as Stuart has at his sessions.

What should I wear for my Studio Headshot Session?

There is certainly a difference between what a Realtor should wear compared to a Roofer or a Lawyer.  All are professionals but the message (story) is different.  Wearing what is appropriate for your industry is the key to an effective headshot.  I coach my clients on what to wear for the best possible look and what will most effectively engage their potential client.

What should I wear for my On-Location or Branding Session?

Addressing the same considerations for a Studio Headshot, a Branding Session wardrobe should reflect the industry you represent and the client you want to attract.  For the best results, we’ll discuss what you normally wear every day on the job.  We’ll take the time to change clothes for different looks as many professions have a variety of wardrobe considerations.  Getting a variety of images gives you the best chances of using your new headshots in a variety of applications.

Do I get to change what I’m wearing for my Headshot session?

Absolutely! I encourage you to bring at least 3 different outfits and change your wardrobe during your session.  You may not need different headshots, but having a variety to choose from will give you the choices that you’ll want. 

If you know what you want and only need one look, then that’s fine, too.  I’ll still give you a variety of poses to choose from.

What is a ‘Branding’ session? Does it cost more?

Branding sessions usually are for businesses that need to ‘tell the story’ of what they do and what they’re all about.  One picture doesn’t do the trick so we spend time with you to capture everything that’s important to you and the message that you want to get out.  These sessions last longer that average Studio sessions and, typically, cost more.  We’ll discuss the needs for a Branding session, what it entails and what it costs before you hire me.

How often should I update my headshot?

Headshots don’t need to be updated every year unless you’re in a progressive, seasonal industry such as fashion or broadcast.  Models and Actors update their headshots very frequently.  Most of us aren’t that needy.  However, 10 years between headshots is too long.  On average, headshots should be updated every three years.  When you schedule your session, make sure that you’ll be able to wear a few different outfits.  Get a variety of images made.  Decide which ones look the best and leave with two or three different portraits.  You’ll be able to use the different images for different applications on different platforms (social media, website, brochures and business cards). 

How long until I receive my images?

Before you leave your session, you’ll choose your favorite images. After that, I’ll do all of the retouching necessary to make you look fabulous. You’ll receive all of your selected images, completely and professionally retouched with in 3 days after your selection.

What do you mean by ‘Retouching’?

We all have skin imperfections that may not be so complimentary.  Some come with age. Some, we’re born with.  My retouching reduces the appearance of these imperfections without changing who you are.  We discuss all of this before you leave from your session. 

Do you travel to other locations? Do you shoot on location?

Yes, we travel throughout the state. Locations outside of the Metro Atlanta area may incur a travel fee, depending on the assignment and the distance traveled.

Why do so many photographers suck at Headshots?

Too many photographers don’t know how to pose the everyday Joe/Josephine.  Correctly posing different body shapes takes practice and experience.  The straight-on headshot should be saved for jailhouse photographers.  I hope you don’t go there to get your business headshot.  Turning your body slightly gives you a much better profile.  It slims the body and makes your portrait more professional.  Turn your face toward your front shoulder. This can make you look slimmer and much more engaging, whether you’re smiling or not. Don’t smile too big.  Your genuine, relaxed, natural smile is the best way to go.  It’s you!  If you naturally have a huge smile, Own It!  But most of us look better with a casual smile.  How about a little head tilt?  This can bring out personality, engagement, and connection in your headshot.  I coach you through all of these possibilities and more so that you look like you in a powerful, engaging business headshot.