Your Maternity Portrait Experience!

There Is No Better Time To Celebrate The Love Of Your Baby!

This is such a WONDERFUL time for You!
The creation of a new LIFE, a new FAMILY.
Let us help tell the STORY of your BABY’S NEW LIFE!

Fill in the form below to START the STORYTELLING.

What’s Included In Your Session Fee

  • A Face-to-Face (or on the phone) chat to Find Out EXACTLY what you’re hoping for in Your Maternity Portrait Experience

  • Up to TWO Hours of photography to Explore Different Poses Groupings for Your Maternity Portraits

  • Initial Consultation to go over every step of the process and help select just the right Location and style of Your session

  • Personal stylist to help with Outfits, Posing and groupings

  • Lots of different backgrounds to show you off in the best possible setting

  • Professional Retouching of all of Your Portraits…

    You’ll look AMAZING!

  • LIVE VIEWING of Your Portraits on a giant screen to see EVERY DETAIL to Help You Select the ones you LOVE!

    How you’ll remember your beauty with Framed Porrtaits, Custom Albums, Folio Boxes full of images and Digital Images.

beautiful Maternity Pose

Are You Ready To Look FABULOUS?  

With everyone’s busy schedules, we know how hard it can be to carve out the time for Maternity Portraits.  Between work, school, and the kid’s activities it may seem like an impossible task to find a day where you can make it happen. The problem is when you don’t make the time, your baby’s coming anyway!

At Stuart Hasson Studios we have designed our sessions to not only capture your beauty RIGHT NOW, but also to provide you a fun experience full of memories that will last a lifetime. When you’re looking for a “maternity photographer near me”, give us a call to see how wonderful you can look.

My favorite moment for every client is when you get to see your photographs for the first time. It’s at this moment that you can finally see the Love and Connection you have with your unborn child, displayed as a work of art. As these portraits hang in your home, or live in an album, they will only grow more precious with time.

Stress-Free Process

Step 1

Complete the Form Above

If you haven’t already, fill out your details above so that we can discuss your Perfect Portrait Session.

Take the 1st Step. You’re under No Obligation to book your session. We’ll talk about everything including Studio Backgrounds, Wardrobe and all Pricing.

We’re the Maternity Photography studio near YOU!

Step 2

Book Your Session

We will give you a call to chat and find out how we can help you celebrate your Pregnancy.

We’ll discuss everything from the Clothing to Posing to Pricing. We’ll be clear on everything so that you feel very comfortable.

We’ll select a Date & Time that works for YOU!

We’ll take the time to get to know you and schedule your portrait session.

Step 3

Premier Showing

We have photographed hundreds of pregnant ladies and know how to make this a FUN experience you will never forget. So breathe, relax and trust that we have everything under control.

At the end of your session, we will schedule a time to have you come back to the studio for your Personalized Ordering Appointment. You’ll see our Framed Artwork, Beautiful Albums, and Folio Boxes to help remember this Wonderful time.

I had NO IDEA what I was doing :)! Stuart made me feel so comfortable. He definitely knows what he’s doing.

Ebony Johnson

Alpharetta, GA

We got the whole family involved. We all had fun. I think Stuart had the most fun with Mia. He kept her laughing.

Erika Siu

Atlanta, GA

My session was so quick. I knew what I wanted and Stuart was very accomodating.

Jasmine Winbush

Atlanta, GA

A little reminder of what is Included with your Session.

  • A Face-to-Face (or on the phone) chat to Find Out EXACTLY what you’re hoping for at your Maternity Session
  • Up to TWO hours for your Maternity Portrait Experience

  • Discovery Design Consultation to help you decide on all of the details for your session.

  • Personal stylist to help with posing.

  • Lots of different backgrounds to show you off in the best possible setting.

  • Professional Retouching of all of your Portraits.
  • In-Person Viewing of ALL your Portraits on a BIG SCREEN to see every detail in your Portrait so that you can select the ones you LOVE the most!

    Choose how you’ll remember your beauty with Framed Artwork, Custom Albums, Folio Boxes to fill with your Beautiful Images.

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