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Maternity portraits can be an incredibly personal and enjoyable experience. As a mother, you’re going through a truly unique experience and it’s one that is worthy of being memorialized. While there are several good maternity portrait photographers in our area, when you want to capture your pregnancy, time is of the essence, and you don’t want to settle for “good enough”.

I’ve been a maternity photographer for over 24 years, and during that time I have learned that the best way to ensure that we’ll create a memorable maternity portrait is through making sure that you feel safe, relaxed and heard. Sure, the camera, lights, backdrops and posing are important, after all, your portrait needs to be technically sound. But it takes more than that to create an art piece that you will want to look at day after day. 

I want to get to know your goals  and understand what you’re hoping to get out of this experience. It’s important to treat everyone with respect and kindness. This is a lesson my dad taught me and it has proven invaluable. I will listen to you and make some recommendations based on my experience. You will be in a private environment where you’ll have the ability to change outfits, try different poses and together, we’ll create something that’s timeless for you, which is what we all want.

HOW We Work

Our stress-free process to create your pregnancy dream portrait

Over the years I’ve found that the more you tell me about your vision and what’s important to you for these pregnancy pictures, the better you will enjoy your portraits. Your Complimentary Portrait Design Consultation will take about 30 minutes. You’ll tell me what’s most important to you, why you’re interested in creating your maternity portrait, and what your goals are for the pictures.  If you don’t know yet, my 4 Step Process will lead you down the path to your Perfect Maternity Portrait Session! 

I’ll give you an accurate estimate of how much your session will cost, which outfits will flatter your figure the most and how long the session will take.  Then we’ll come up with a unique plan to create the most amazing portraits of your pregnancy.


Call us to schedule your complimentary design consultation and get all your questions answered.

Portrait Session

You'll have a one to two-hour photography session on-location or at our studio.

Premier Showing

We'll review your images and discuss Albums, Folio Boxes and Framing/Display options.

what to expect

What is included in your Maternity Portrait Session Fee

  • A face-to-face (or on the phone) chat to find out exactly what you’re hoping for in your maternity portrait experience.
  • Up to two hours of photography to explore different pose groupings for your maternity portraits.
  • Selection of Maternity Outfits that best show off your figure.
  • Personal stylist to help with outfits, posing and groupings.
  • Lots of different backgrounds to show you off in the best possible setting
  • Professional retouching of all of your portraits – you’ll look amazing!
  • Live viewing of your portraits on a giant screen to see every detail to help you select the ones you love!
  • How you’ll remember your beauty with framed portraits, custom albums, folio boxes full of images and digital packages.

Our Selcetion of Beautiful Maternity Gowns

Maternity portraits

Frequently asked questions

What is the ideal time for my maternity photo session?

Every woman is different, but in our 35 years of photographing pregnant women, we’ve learned that near the beginning of your 7th month (28 to 32 weeks) tends to be the sweet spot for pregnancy pictures.  You’ve still got good energy.  Your tummy has a beautiful shape.  And you can still move around and pose without discomfort.

Where is your studio located?

My studio is located in the lower portion of my Residential Portrait Gallery in Marietta Ga.   It occupies the entire bottom floor, complete with a private changing room and lighted make-up table. Over 500 sq. ft. of space gives you lots of room for posing and moving.

What does the price of the maternity session include?

The Creation Fees start at $245 – Please see the Programs that we offer.

Included in every Maternity Session:

  • Initial Portrait Design Consultation – Free with no obligation to contract us.
  • Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee – If we don’t fulfill our promise, you don’t pay!
  • Our complete “Getting Ready” guide lets you know how best to prepare.
  • Access to our full line of gowns, dresses, wraps, and covers.
  • Professional Elegant posing guide.
  • Custom magazine-style image retouching.
  • Bottled water, protein bars, fresh fruit, and snacks (to keep your energy up!).

What should I wear for my maternity session?

Every Mom-to-Be is different, so the outfits that you choose should certainly fit your style and comfort level.  We highly recommend Form-Fitting outfits to accentuate your bump!  As well as outfits that allow your tummy to show.  We chat about this in-depth at your Complimentary Portrait Design Session.  If you’d like to find just the right outfit for your session, Emani Maternity in North Point Mall has the best selection and a very knowledgeable helpful staff to make recommendations.

Do you provide dresses/fabrics/wraps?

Absolutely!  We have a beautiful selection of dresses, fine silks, and fabrics for draping, as well as form-fitting bodysuits and lace robes.  Have a look inside or Wardrobe HERE.

However, we highly recommend visiting Emani Maternity in North Point Mall, Alpharetta.  They have a huge selection of everything Maternity!  Emmanuel is gifted at selecting beautiful outfits specifically for you.  When you purchase, tell him that I sent you and you’ll get a special gift certificate worth $100.

Can I purchase an album from you?

Yes.  Most of our clients purchase custom albums. We offer several different styles with many different cover options.  We also offer Elegant Folio Boxes for prints and framed artwork for your walls.

How many photos do you take during a normal maternity session?

The number of images created at your session is less important than the Variety of images we will create.  By offering greater variety of poses and outfits (will your husband/partner be at the session?), you’ll be sure to get many beautiful images to choose from.  We normally give you more than  150 images to select from.

When and how will I select my favorite images from my session?

A week or so after your session, we schedule an in-person or virtual Purchase and Reveal Session where you’ll see your gorgeous portraits for the very first time.

Two Options:

  1. Big Reveal; Schedule a time to come back to the studio to view your portraits on our Giant Movie Screen, to see every detail and make your selections. Refreshments and goodies make this a perfect prelude to Date Night!
  2. Interactive Live Reveal: Schedule on On-Line Live viewing of your images with your photographer to make your selections,


Your Album or Prints will be ready to pick up in 3 – 4 weeks after your selection.

Why do you recommend studio maternity sessions over outdoor sessions?

The Timing of your Maternity session is critical.  You want to be far enough along to be showing but not uncomfortable.  We recommend having your session near the beginning of your 7th month of pregnancy.  Outdoor sessions can be nice, but if Mother Nature does not cooperate, is rescheduling possible?  Perhaps, but why risk it?  We believe that having a guaranteed session time, when you’re feeling your best and ready to go is the best way to ensure great results.

Can my partner or my child be in the pictures?

Yes!  We actually encourage him/them to not miss out on this experience.  These will be incredibly meaningful portraits for both of you. 

We do ask that if you are bringing your child or children, please bring in help to keep them occupied when we’re focusing on your portraits.

Which days of the week can I schedule my session?

We schedule sessions 7 days a week, In your Initial Design Consultation (free), we’ll select the best time and date for your session.

I've never been photographed by a pro. will you help me pose & guide me?

Everyone asks this!  Of course, we will help you every step of the way.  Some ladies are natural in front of the camera.  Most are not.  We gently coax you into your natural position (everyone is different) so that your portraits look natural and relaxed, just the way you want.

Complimentary Maternity Outfits for Your Session