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Maternity Portraits

What is “Maternity” Photography?
(and Why it’s so important!)

This topic is so special to me that I’m having a hard time gathering my thoughts. So I’ll apologize for the scattered nature of trying to answer the question.

Stating simply, Maternity Photography, ‘Pregnancy’ pictures, ‘Bump-shots’ all boil down to taking pictures of a pregnant lady, usually when she’s showing. But this boiled-down answer misses everything that’s great about creating some of the most important portraits of your life!

Being pregnant (from what I’ve heard) is one of the most exciting, scary, unknown times in a lady’s life. Your body starts doing things that are strange but totally natural. Having a life growing inside of you is an incomparable experience… until you’re pregnant the next time. But that’s an article for another time!

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Maternity Portrait 001 Stuart Hasson
Couple maternity photoshoot in black and white
Woman with curly hair during her maternity photo session
Indoor maternity photoshoot of a woman wearing white
Maternity Photoshoot In a Studio
Maternity Photoshoot In a Studio
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Julie- LowKey Maternity Portrait

Lacey Lingerie Maternity Session

Dad & Mom Maternity session

Maternity – White Gown

beautiful Maternity Pose

Cool Hat Maternity Portrait

Maternity – Red Gown

Great Maternity Pose

Lacey Sexy Maternity session

Fabric Wrap Maternity Portrait

Red Lace Maternity Gown

White Shirt Hi-Key Maternity Portrait

Why Are Maternity Portraits So Important?

Maternity Portraits have been part of the Mainstream since Annie Leibovitz and Demi Moore made history, gracing the cover of Vanity Fair magazine in 1991! Celebrities fell in line as did ladies across America. The tides totally changed from hiding behind Muumuu’s to,… well, wearing a ring and matching earrings as Ms. Moore thought appropriate.

These pregnancy portraits are very important, too. They’re not for every mom. My mom was appalled when I told her what I was creating!. But it’s too important not to at least consider a session. Especially with your first child.

Confidence plays a big part of choosing to have your maternity portrait made, but (I think) the biggest factor seems to be in documenting and remembering this completely unique time in your life.

How To Pose For Maternity Photography

Posing for your maternity portraits has a lot to do with how much you’re showing at the time of your session. If your tummy is big, sitting poses usually are not the most flattering, so you’ll want to be standing up or lying down. If you’re not really showing, the best choice is to reschedule your session until you’ve got a nice big bump. If that’s not an
option, sitting poses will exaggerate your tummy more than being stretched out while standing or lying.

Pointing your tummy directly at the camera won’t give you the most flattering look, either. You want to be at an angle to the camera and the lights. Having the lights in the right position (your photographer’s primary job) will add drama and dimension to your portrait.

Posing with fabric is a favorite trick that I use in nearly every session. It can add fun and excitement to the session and give you an energetic look. Twirling around with a few yards of tulle might sound dumb, but it can be a hugely dramatic portrait when done well.

There are tons of pregnancy poses that have been overdone for years so be sure to chat with your photographer so that they understand your uniqueness and pose you accordingly. Make your pose all about YOU & YOUR CHILD!

Make it special.

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What Do I Wear For My Maternity Pictures?

What you wear for your pregnancy portraits is the 2nd most important thing when considering your session. The most important thing is how you’re feeling for the photo session (not how great the photographer is :).  Make sure you wear an outfit that you love and shows off your best features.

The outfits differ as much as the mom’s wearing them. This is an iconic time in your life so make it count! Be yourself. Show your style… and your TUMMY! We’re telling your story and the story of you baby entering the world, so explore the options. Bring a bunch of outfits and see which ones look the best for the camera. Talk to your photographer for ideas and options. Colors can be muted if they come out too loud in the pictures. Black & White portraits are classic so bring a classic outfit, too. We have several outfits that you can wear for your session.  Just let us know what you’re hoping for and we’ll make it happen.

Collage of maternity portraits in black and white


How much does maternity photography cost

The price of Maternity portrait sessions seem to track with a combination of two things: The photographer’s experience and the size of the package purchased.

The more you buy, the more you will spend, obviously. However, as with my studio, when you purchase more, many studios complement you with bonus gifts. So as you spend more, you GET more! We love complementing our clients.

You can get great ‘bargain’ shoots from photographers just starting out. But that comes with risk. When you hire a professional who’s been creating maternity portraits for years, there’s value and confidence in their work. You’ll know that they’re going to deliver the goods and you won’t be disappointed when you see your images. A ‘newbie’ might not get it right, so be careful when bargain shopping.

What to expect during my maternity photography session?

This is a loaded question. As legitimate as it is, if you don’t know what to expect AT your session, your photographer has not done their job well. This kind of photo session is so important, they should have told you everything that will happen way in advance of the session.

In my studio, when mom calls to find out about our process for maternity portraits, we start asking the questions that let us know what’s most important to her! Every lady is different, with unique expectations so we ask a lot of questions. Then we decide how best to move forward.

When would you like to have your maternity photos made? Will your partner and/or kids be joining you? Do you have a special outfit or will you pick something from our wardrobe? What’s your favorite color? I want to know the details that will help create an amazing, unforgettable portrait experience for you.

We’ll chat about every detail. From the time of day best for you to the way you’ll be keeping these cherished memories; in a keepsake album or portraits for the wall. Most of the details will be about your session, however; how long it will take, what outfits you’ll wear and who will be at the session with you.

So your maternity portrait session should go as smooth as silk, and you should know exactly what will happen.

Maternity photography poses

When is a good time to do maternity photography?

The best time to create your pregnancy portrait is when your bump is showing and you’re not getting tired just thinking about standing up! Every lady is different but right around your seventh month pregnant is a good time to plan a session.

There are always exceptions. Mom’s comfort and the baby’s safety are the primary considerations when scheduling these sessions. Most ladies start showing between 3 and 4 months pregnant. That’s usually too soon. Some women are still tiny in the 6th and some,… some are beautifully gigantic! How’s that for diplomacy?

I’ve had maternity sessions in the 8th month and that’s a bit risky. Mom’s tend to get tired quickly. I’ve even had to cancel the session and do a Newborn session, instead! But late is better than not at all. If you’re thinking about having your maternity portrait created, it’s much better to start planning around your 5th month pregnant. That’s ‘planning’ the session, not ‘having’ it.

Having time to plan takes away most of the anxiety, gives you time to find the right photographer and explore more options. It’s much better than just winging it.

Finding the right photographer is, in my humble opinion, probably the most important decision. Do you connect? Are they going to do what you want or do they stick to a set system? Indoors (at home or in the photo studio) or outside? And what are you going to wear? All of these questions have good answers, but making those decisions at the last minute, predictably results poorly. So give yourself a break and plan early.

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