New Borns & Children Portraits

Newborns & Children Portraits

What is Newborn Photography?
(…and why you shouldn’t miss the chance)

Taking pictures of your Newborn is at the TOP or the “Must Have Pictures” list!  I don’t believe there’s any event  more significant than creating wonderful images of your newborn baby.  Especially when we’re talking about your FIRST baby!

This little person is an absolute Angel when they arrive into your arms.  Is anything more important than them right now?  I didn’t think so!  More Emotions than you can count.  More love than you’ve ever felt.  More dreams than you’ll ever be able to keep track of.  But that’s okay because they’re here, safe in your arms.  All the rest will be figured out in time.

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How much does Newborn Photography cost?

Most of my Newborn portrait clients have concerns about money and how much they’ll pay for portraits of their baby.  These concerns are very real, especially for First Time parents.  So much is unknown about how much they’ll be paying for everything. (Love those baby showers!)

So when I get asked “How much is Newborn photography?” I can’t help but to be empathetic.

When should you do Newborn Photography?

Your baby changes SO quickly during their 1st year.  Even the changes during their 1st month are so significant!  It’s a bit disappointing when I’ve missed the chance to help moms remember all of wrinkles and chubbiness that happen before they bring their baby to the studio.

For most of us, Newborn photography takes place within 10 days of your baby’s birth.  They’re ‘new’, right!  They’ve just been born.  So to qualify for Newborn photos, all you need is a baby who’s just been born.

Is Newborn Photography Worth It?

As I’ve said in other articles: the Price is what you pay; the Value is what you get.

You want a photographer to create great, amazing, wonderful images of your Newborn baby.  You want them to care about what you want and what’s most important to you.  Creating Newborn portraits is all about their story… and you’re a (big) part of that story.

How to Swaddle Your Baby for Newborn Photography

Wrapping your newborn can be daunting.  But with a little practice and a comfy blanket, you can master this task.  Here are the basic steps for you to wrap you tiny person.

First, why is it so important to wrap your baby?  Swaddling or wrapping your baby not only protects her or keeps her warm, but there’s a level of protection and familiarity that plays a pretty big part.  After all, think about where they’ve come from and how that must have felt.

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