Before we accept any assignment, we meet with our clients at our free, no obligation Initial Consultation. These meetings are usually scheduled in the evening, Tuesday thru Thursday. If you have special circumstances, we will try to accommodate your request.

If you believe that we can help fulfill your portrait needs, we decide on a date and time that works for you and us. A Prepaid Portrait Creation Fee is required to reserve the portrait session date.

The resulting images from your portrait session will be viewed in the studio, where they can be projected in the various sizes. At this time, we will help you determine which portrait sizes and finishes will be suit your needs.

Because portraits are a custom product, the amount of the order is required when the order is placed.

Portraits used as office wall decor are fully tax deductible. We will be happy to bill them to your company, should you indicate so.

Should you have any questions about our policies, or if we can be of any further help in planning your portrait, please call during regular office hours: Mon. – Fri. 9am – 5pm