General Photography

A Fun Experience

by Stuart Hasson

My friends Jeane & Bobby Gutierrez from Slate828 Productions participated in an event with me recently at the Grand Opening of Canterfield Kennesaw Assisted Living.  They were recording video interviews while I was creating portraits.  At the end of the day, Jeane asked me to sit for a casual interview.  They made it fun to be in FRONT of the camera.  In no time, I was completely relaxed and ‘just having a conversation’ with Jeane.  I had no idea these folks were so talented.  They really captured my essence in a comfortable, natural way.  Have a look at the video below and then check out their website.

This picture is about 30 years old but it brings me back every time I look at it. THAT’s why I’m a photographer: To help people REMEMBER all of the good things in their Life!

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