Childrens Portraits

Cost of Newborn Photography

by Stuart Hasson
Wyatt Blue-Eyes baby portrait

The Price is what you pay.

The Value is what you get.

The Cost is realized when you don’t do it.

Most of my Newborn portrait clients have concerns about money and how much they’ll pay for portraits of their baby.  These concerns are very real, especially for First Time parents.  So much is unknown about how much they’ll be paying for everything. (Love those baby showers!)

So when I get asked “How much is Newborn photography?” I can’t help but to be empathetic.

Session fees, for my studio are pretty static at $175.  I think that’s fair and relatively standard.  However, what I’m seeing is not so many photographers back up their work with a 100% Guarantee!  I’ve offered this since I’ve been in business.  I believe in my work and if I fall short; if I don’t do the job that you expect, if I don’t live up to your expectations, then you don’t pay a dime!  Period.

You shouldn’t expect to pay for something that does not have value.  I love the quote above.  And I believe in it.  When I create portraits for you, you’ll LOVE your portraits or I haven’t done my job.  And when you love your portraits, you’ll smile every time you see them.  You’ll never regret having them created.

Your baby’s only tiny for a short time.  Don’t miss the chance to start telling their story.

This picture is about 30 years old but it brings me back every time I look at it. THAT’s why I’m a photographer: To help people REMEMBER all of the good things in their Life!

Ready to get started?

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