Family Portraits

How Do I Pose For Family Portraits

by Stuart Hasson
Family Portraits on Location

Indeed! This is a great question that I get all the time. Posing is one of those things that can make or break a family picture.

Sitting or standing? How many people stand in “the back” and how many sit? Or is it a ‘Girl vs. Guys’ thing? Or does Mom sit and we gather the family around her? So many questions…

The answer lies in the Family Dynamic. I often start with the basic poses, based on height but find that Little Sarah can stand next to Jason without squirming and complaining… forget about the smile!

When working with families, the best pose (for me) is usually the 2nd pose. Yup, failing at the first attempt, I’m able to see what’s going on, who likes who and where to put everyone so that they’re both comfortable in the position and who they’re next to.

Most family members can survive for a few minutes next to anyone else in the family. However, reading the expressions and reactions is crucial for the best pose, especially in larger family groups.

This picture is about 30 years old but it brings me back every time I look at it. THAT’s why I’m a photographer: To help people REMEMBER all of the good things in their Life!

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