We hear it all the time.  ‘I HATE having my picture taken’!

It makes me sympathize with my Dentist (who is quite a nice guy, too) but man, does that statement make me feel lousy…  Nobody cares how I feel.  I know. sigh!

But this also makes me sad to think that these people (hating picture day) had bad experiences with photographers.  Why else would they ‘hate’ the memory?

I love what I do for many reasons, but mostly because I have fun.  My sessions are fun.  My clients have fun.  I never need to 1-2-3 SMILE, because they already ARE!  Mostly I’ve got to say “Okay, can we PLEASE try to not smile?”  I love that.  Business Headshot sessions should be fun, too!

If you hate having your picture taken, I’m sorry for the crappy ‘professional’ that messed it up for you.  Let me turn that frown upside down!  And make you look great in the process.

Let's have a fun photo shoot
Stuart Hasson Studios