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Just Be You!

How do I get my Headshot clients to look so good?  It’s easy, I just let them be themselves! It doesn’t happen right away.  Just about everyone is a little nervous in front of the camera.  But after a little conversation, a couple of test shots, and a joke or two for...

Tips for Great Business Headshots

Business professionals understand that first impressions are often lasting impressions, and having a great business headshot is an important first step.Getting a good portrait also requires more than just sitting in front of the camera.  It’s a partnership between you...


We hear it all the time.  ‘I HATE having my picture taken’! It makes me sympathize with my Dentist (who is quite a nice guy, too) but man, does that statement make me feel lousy...  Nobody cares how I feel.  I know. sigh! But this also makes me sad to think that these...

Problem Solving

Special Requests call for Special Considerations.

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