Business Headshots

Just Be You

by Stuart Hasson
Model Headshots Stuart Hasson Studios

How do I get my Headshot clients to look so good?  It’s easy, I just let them be themselves!

It doesn’t happen right away.  Just about everyone is a little nervous in front of the camera.  But after a little conversation, a couple of test shots, and a joke or two for good measure, folks tend to relax and realize that this isn’t so tough.

I love meeting new clients and finding out what makes them tick.  It’s a great part of my job.  It lets me know that if I can be myself in the studio, so can they.

To get great headshots, just try to be yourself.

This picture is about 30 years old but it brings me back every time I look at it. THAT’s why I’m a photographer: To help people REMEMBER all of the good things in their Life!

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